Post-Make-up Skincare Routine

There is no doubt that makeup makes us all look and feel pretty. However, it can be harsh for the skin to always go for a lot of makeup, especially if we layer on cosmetic products. A lot of other factors will make it incredibly important to have good skincare after a makeup routine, such as pollution, the harsh rays of the sun, and stress. Every layer of makeup can obstruct our pores and cause several skin issues, such as acne, pimples, blackheads, and so on.


For people who use a lot of makeup, every day skincare routine is exceptionally essential. A healthy skincare routine will replenish your skin even if you use makeup regularly.


Here are some effective skin treatments and quick measures to take away your makeup and feed your skin after a long day.


Cleanse your Face-

Pick a gentle cleanser for everyday use to get rid of dirt and gunk. Without ripping off the healthy oils away from your skin, our Magic Melt Ceansing Balm will help you get rid of dirt and waterproof makeup. The gentle, oil based balm removes dirt, sebum, oil, and dead skin cells, without causing any harm to your skin.

Hydrate your Skin-

The secret to beautiful and healthy skin is hydration. To preserve your skin's PH balance as well as to tighten pores, use a toner. We offer two varieties of hydrosols, which act as an amazing skin toner. The goal is to provide adequate nourishment for your skin so that it stays hydrated all day. Botanic Spell helps heal dull/dry skin.

Neroli & Rose Hydrosol is a rich herbal blend distilled from pure steam that helps hydrate, clarify pores, restore the PH balance, and tone the skin. A very powerful and creative way to infuse the skin with balancing active ingredients and optimal hydration is this revitalizing face mist.

Moisturize your Skin-

Before you hit the bed, don’t forget to seal in the hydration by using a light weight moisturiser or facial oil like our Gleam Glow Boosting Facial Elixir. Luxurious  and powerful ingredients packed with fatty acids, omegas, vitamins that work together to stimulate collagen and encourage cell turnover, leaving skin soft, supple and plump. 

 Exfoliate your Lips-

We notice our lips getting chapped more than usual after applying a lipstick, and we also find our lipstick settling into the cracks in our lips. It is time to pay more attention to your skin preparing routine. Beetroot lip scrub and exfoliator helps your lips in getting rid of dry skin and leaves them smoother and softer. Using a lip scrub to slough away flakes, help balance the color of your lips, and even stimulate them to produce the ideal full lip look to keep your pout in prime condition. Daily lip balm conditioning is also important.

Lip Hydration is a must-must-

 Use a good lip oil as they treat the delicate skin, soothe it, and nourish it all while making your lips look juicy and plump. That's because lip oils are usually made for a natural satiny shine with a special fusion formula. Our Lip Elixir is enriched with Grapeseed Oil, Avocado Oil, Vitamin E and other essential oils. Lip Elixir is a must to keep your lovely pout hydrated, it is a non-sticky, light-weight formulation that will enhance your smile and make your lips feel comfortable.