Kids Makeup- Our Journey

It all began with my daughter Cyra's fascination with makeup, which started as early as age two. Watching me apply makeup daily, she couldn't resist the allure of colourful palettes and shiny lip glosses. As a mother, I cherished her innocent curiosity, seeing it as an opportunity for imaginative play.

However, my excitement turned to concern when I discovered the harsh chemicals lurking in conventional play makeup options available in India. Determined to provide Cyra with safe alternatives, I tapped into my expertise as a formulator and whipped up a gentle lip balm crafted specifically for her delicate skin.

Witnessing her joy as she played with her safe makeup sparked a realization within me – there must be other parents and children seeking similar peace of mind. Thus, Cyra's Kids Makeup Collection was born, named after my beloved daughter and dedicated to providing a haven for families searching for toxin-free play options.

Our mission isn't about rushing children into adulthood or encouraging them to mimic grown-up beauty standards. Instead, it's about embracing the joy of creativity and self-expression, free from harmful chemicals and artificial additives.

Each product in our collection is carefully formulated with specially selected ingredients, ensuring they're gentle and safe for young skin. Our minimalist approach means you won't find any nasty chemicals here – just pure, natural ingredients that allow children to sparkle and shine in their own unique way.

Join us on this journey, where simplicity reigns supreme, and childhood is celebrated in all its colourful glory. With our Kids Makeup Collection, let's paint a world where safety and fun go hand in hand, inspiring endless hours of imaginative play and creative exploration.