A journey born from a mother's love and her daughter's enchantment

It all started with the sparkle in my daughter's eyes, her fascination with colours, and her endless desire to play dress-up. As a mother, I revelled in witnessing her joy, but I couldn't help but notice the absence of safe and genuine makeup options tailored for kids like her.

Disheartened by the toxic ingredients lurking in conventional products, I embarked on a mission to fill this void. SkinWorks x Cyra emerged from a desire to provide children with a space where they could explore, create, and play without compromising their health or innocence.

Driven by a commitment to safety and quality, we carefully curated our collection, ensuring that each product is crafted with hypoallergenic and natural ingredients. Our formulations are gentle on delicate skin, allowing kids to unleash their creativity without fear of irritation or harm.

Every step of our journey is guided by the belief that childhood is a precious time to be cherished and protected. Through our plant based made makeup range, we invite young minds to embrace the magic of imaginative play, to express themselves authentically, and to revel in the joy of being young.

At SkinWorks x Cyra, we know that dressing up is not about rushing into adulthood, but about savouring the wonder of childhood. Join us on this enchanting journey, where every brushstroke is a celebration of innocence, creativity, and the boundless possibilities of youth.

Nehaa Juneja